Completely Fed Up

Although a self proclaimed foodie, I must admit, for the most part, my journey of food entails seeking the world and letting my palette do all the work.  If I am not traveling, in hopes of a new food adventure, I was searching high and low looking for inspiration to create my next home cooked greatness.

Like any other day I report to work, looking forward to completely my tasks and learning something new. Was I in for a treat on this day! I came to work and a fellow co-worker mentioned this documentary that she thought I would be interested in. Sure. I will look at the trailer. Fed Up

And boy was I fed up! If you are a foodie and have not watched this. If you are the least bit of interested in eating healthy, this is a must see documentary for you.

**WARANING**  Movie Spoiler **  

Fed Up, my opinion anyway, is a documentary that travels through the unhealthy eating habits and the emotional, physical, and psychological damage that is does to children. Our children are becoming extremely obese and dealing with illnesses that, at one point, were common in adults.

As a person on the go, I know how easy it is to grab food that I don’t have to cook because it is easier and an extreme convenience to my life. I never thought twice about the affect that it could do to our health or even the health of our children. As a budgeter and couponer, that makes its far to easy to grab items that are free or MM (moneymakers in the coupon world). Sure, things consumed in moderation are assumed to have little to no affect but those moderations add up.

Watching this documentary has definitely changed my outlook on food and the way I consume these items. I think I have shifted my focus on  home cooking and recipe writing.

Have you seen the documentary? What were your thoughts? Have any recipes you have tried and really liked? Comment on this post.

March Madness

Happy March 1st Readers! 

March is an exciting month for various reason. Whether you are into collegiate basketball, the Feast of Saint Patrick- commonly known as St. Patrick’s Day, or the Lent Season, this is an exciting month to celebrate.

For those that are a bit more interested in the healthy focus of food fuel, it is NATIONAL NUTRITIONAL MONTH! 

March into the month with a new look on nutrition.

Midday Fork & Straw 

Hi readers! Thanks for heading over to read another blurb from me 😀

Over the past 6 months, I have toyed around with the idea of playing with and creating recipes. I’ve tried creating family favorites, ranging from dinner and appetizers to snacks and smoothies. 

If you’re like me, you have an adventurous pallette. Easily bored but always looking for an excited and new creative way to spice up your food choices. 

I’ve decided to take my lunch and dedicate that meal to increasing and diversifying my veggie intake. With that I paired a nice homemade 16 oz. cold cup of lipton peach mango cold tea. 

See below for recipes. 

Smoked Sausage and Veggies 

1 medium yellow squash

1 cup chopped broccoli

3 whole white mushrooms

4-5 shred baby carrots

1 eckridge smoked turkey sausage cut ½ slanted

1/8 cup of soy sauce

1 teaspoon all-purpose seasoning (Adobo)

1 pinch of ground black pepper.


1. Using a brand of choice, cover a medium saucepan with olive oil on medium heat.

2. Add mushrooms, carrots, and broccoli. In that order

3. Mix and sauté for about 2-3 minute.

4. Push to one side.

5. I prefer my squash al dente so I add this veggie last.

6. Add soy sauce and mix.

7. Add squash.

8. Add adobo seasoning and stir.

9. Let cook for about 30seconds

10. Add pinch of pepper.

11. Add sausage and cover.

12. Turn off and remove from heat.


Let sit for about 5 minutes and serve or refrigerate.



Pocket Change 

Hi guys! It’s been long and overdue but I am back. 

Aside from the many hobbies that I have, I have adopted the hobby of couponing. 

I’m not quite sure how I started couponing, other than just waking up one day and decided to try something new. Now I must admit, I haven’t even been couponing for an entire year but I started completely wrong. Maybe I am being harsh on myself – but a big part of couponing is to save money. I was so focused on trying to build a stockpile that I wasn’t budgeting per se. Although I was paying less than retail it was the best price in most cases. Now that I have learned a little more- my 2017 is dedicated to shopping smarter and smaller. 

This past Sunday, I did just that. Using just my pocket change I scored some awesome finds at CVS but of course. 

At the conclusion of my shopping trip I had spent $2.06 in coinage, receiving $21 in Extra Care Bucks. 

The Horror of Travel 

Time 2:00a 

I have almost been awake for 24hours and I am somewhere hoovering over homes, traveling through what look to be one of the worst storms I have ever witness.

Thursday, after work, I took flight. Flight was set at 2hours and some change. Mother nature, however, had other plans. Luckily, I was able to get a cat nap, as it was a smooth flight, but to my surprise when I awakened, the pilot was talking. “We will be detouring to Louisville, Kentucky.” He said. Glaring down at my phone, “23:27”. I am still in the air. This is where the flight experience for me changed and drastically. After landing in a completely different city and state than my original destination, we were advised to not deplane, as the plane would be taking off in about 45 minutes. Hours later, we were on our way. Finally get to the destination- only to be rerouted to go back where we came from. The reason? The airport did not have a gate for us to taxi up to in order to deplane. Sigh. At 3a the flight was pushed to 10a. Here I am. Stranded. Looking to be accommodate for some of this because of the horrible call to 1 allow us to fly to an airport with limited spacing and 2 for not having the space and having us go back.

Could you imagine, a 2.5hour flight has not become a 7hr flight and STILL I hadn’t landed to my final destination. Unfortunately, a tough decision was made. After all this, I still drove 3.5 hours in the middle of the night to get to my final destination. For all of the traveling that I have done up to this point, I couldn’t believe that this was happening. & I wasn’t even leaving the country. Yep, this all came about on a domestic flight. The most disgruntling portion of my trip wasn’t the flight, wasn’t the lapse of time- as we do not control weather. It was the Airline Agent that was nasty.

The duration of my blurb wasn’t about the super compassionate pilot who seemed nothing but honest about everything- to my understanding. The empathy and disbelief in his voice was even soothing. He was in our shoes as well. Because my last encounter before leaving the airport was with the agent, in the forefront of my mind was all things bad. He yelled. He threatened to walk away from a plane full of people had become tired, restless, cranky, and annoyed because of the way things were handled. We are all people first, and at 3a.m. not too many people are going to be extremely calm. Needless to say, I finally made it to where I was going. It only took 7hrs of flight and an additional 3.5 hours of driving.


Yesterday Sonic had your choice of  frozen lemonade or limeade for just $.79 

Of course I had to order both. I am a frequent visitor to sonic but I have never had either of these options. Just as an aside, I am not sure how often they do this deal but customers are not allowed to add in any of the flavor options that they offer in order to received this promotion. As far as a review of these items, I will say I did have a slight expectation that both of these options would be a little on the bitter or even target side given the fruits. Again, this was another dream that I found to be far from disappointing. 

This is definitely a drink I would get even if not in a special. Which is my favorite? Hmm, I would have to say that the Frozen Limeade won my taste buds. 

Success. Eat. Travel. Upgrade !

Hello readers! 

I know it has been a while since I have shared. There’s been some transition in my focus here lately. While I love traveling (which I still do) & of course being a foodie, I have also picked up the hobby of couponing. 

Well this has opened up doors for me, as it incorporates everything I love AND having an adventure, while saving money. 

As a foodie, I get to try new recipes & of course all types of different foods. 

My new favorite snack is the Brookside Dark Chocolates. I was even able to stock up and score about 10 bags. 

& of course my favorite of these isn’t posted (Mixed Berries- not the official name- or the Almond & Berry, which is just the perfect blended balance of sweet and salty).

Another sweet treat was the limited Strawberry Shortcake Icee. One night while out at the movies, the curiosity in my palette was definitely awakened when I stumbled across this sign. 

Of course, I was able to try it -FREE of charge! 

I’m not a big super sugary nor strawberry fan but this was definitely far from a let down. If you are expecting strawberry shortcake in a straw- that is exactly what I received. 😳😍 it was tasty, high on the sweet side but the name is true to taste. 


I know this post is a bit different than my previous posts but remember this sit is dedicated to Success.Eat.Travel. All concepts that are entangled with money. Family, friends, & fellow readers enjoying life sometimes takes money & it often pays to budget in this category so that we can enjoy other areas. For example, do the legwork now to score FREEbies in household items. That way you can enjoy that extra Mai tai or appetizer on the beach 😍😍 I’m a very new couponer but I have managed to receive over $65 in Rebates [not including any free items or money saved during a shopping trip]. 

Happy Saving ! 

Check with your local donut shop today for potential freebies as wel celebrate this awesome day of sweetness ! 🍩 oh and by the way, Happy Friday! 

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