Down By the Bayou

January 2016

Destination: New Orleans, LA …NOLa

I’m excited. I’m ready, I am headed to meet one of my best friends for his art show and birthday celebration all in one. He is with great talents, but I was truly excited to be at one of his shows and to meet a pair of his best friends from his hometown.

Tip #1: If you fly into MSY and don’t plan on being picked up, take the shuttle to a nearby hotel. Otherwise you are looking to pay a pretty penny for the Uber ride. For some odd reason, of all the places that I have been to, N.O. charges a between $65-$75 USD for an Uber ride, and you are only able to retrieve an Uber black car.

After what seems to be forever, I pull up to this building that looked like an old building (turns out, it was an old firehouse.) Luckily, I was greeted by my best friend who was just as excited as I was, ready to party. 😊

Time to head to the venue for the art show

……Hungry, why wait?

 I had my first shrimp po’boy. And by the end of my trip I had consumed enough of these po’boys that I do not have to have another one for a long time.

The next day was adventure. We headed out to see the city.

– Museum.


– Cemeteries (only cool if you live in a place where the graves are below ground). Since the city is pretty much on water, all mausoleums are above ground.

– Bars. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?
Tip #2: French Quarter is a must.

Tip #3: Take a walk. You will appreciate the scenery of pride, the architecture and the quaint shops that you stumble upon whilst exploring.

Tip #4: Café du Monde is a must. Only place to appreciate Beignets.

Tip #5: Bourbon Street is a tourist area, but still another to do.

   Beer flight, 12 4oz. samples
    Buffalo chicken pizza
 Loaded crawfish fries 

All in all it was a great weekend getaway with friends.  




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