Success. Eat. Travel. Upgrade !

Hello readers! 

I know it has been a while since I have shared. There’s been some transition in my focus here lately. While I love traveling (which I still do) & of course being a foodie, I have also picked up the hobby of couponing. 

Well this has opened up doors for me, as it incorporates everything I love AND having an adventure, while saving money. 

As a foodie, I get to try new recipes & of course all types of different foods. 

My new favorite snack is the Brookside Dark Chocolates. I was even able to stock up and score about 10 bags. 

& of course my favorite of these isn’t posted (Mixed Berries- not the official name- or the Almond & Berry, which is just the perfect blended balance of sweet and salty).

Another sweet treat was the limited Strawberry Shortcake Icee. One night while out at the movies, the curiosity in my palette was definitely awakened when I stumbled across this sign. 

Of course, I was able to try it -FREE of charge! 

I’m not a big super sugary nor strawberry fan but this was definitely far from a let down. If you are expecting strawberry shortcake in a straw- that is exactly what I received. 😳😍 it was tasty, high on the sweet side but the name is true to taste. 


I know this post is a bit different than my previous posts but remember this sit is dedicated to Success.Eat.Travel. All concepts that are entangled with money. Family, friends, & fellow readers enjoying life sometimes takes money & it often pays to budget in this category so that we can enjoy other areas. For example, do the legwork now to score FREEbies in household items. That way you can enjoy that extra Mai tai or appetizer on the beach 😍😍 I’m a very new couponer but I have managed to receive over $65 in Rebates [not including any free items or money saved during a shopping trip]. 

Happy Saving ! 


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