Shhh, it’s Beer Day. kinda. 

So April 7th is known as the day of  unofficial National Beer Day. Of course as a foodie, I had to get out of the house and have a nice glass of blue moons, with an extra orange of course. 

My original plan was to head to a local brewery but plans, just like rules, are made to be broken. Hehehe 

Of course I had to grab a quick bite 😆

Appreciation for Home Cooking 

Starting with my generation, it is becoming the norm that no one cooks anymore. Having a dinner where you sit at the table, with friends or family, disconnecting from technology, and just enjoying a hearty home-cooked meal seems so unconventional. With the small banter that happens at work, it is really a shock when people ask, “ So do you cook?” or “What was for dinner?” I use to be hesitant to reply because I knew that questions of preparation, seasoning, and cooking would occur. Almost like an on site pop quiz to ensure that I actually know what I am doing.
Nonetheless, I am overly proud to be a home Chef de My own Cuisine 😊
Although, a food blogger, I usually am hesitant to share my own recipes as people have different acquired taste buds. However, I think that I will share tips when preparing select items just for meal variations.
Here are a few of the meals that I have prepared:


Down By the Bayou

January 2016

Destination: New Orleans, LA …NOLa

I’m excited. I’m ready, I am headed to meet one of my best friends for his art show and birthday celebration all in one. He is with great talents, but I was truly excited to be at one of his shows and to meet a pair of his best friends from his hometown.

Tip #1: If you fly into MSY and don’t plan on being picked up, take the shuttle to a nearby hotel. Otherwise you are looking to pay a pretty penny for the Uber ride. For some odd reason, of all the places that I have been to, N.O. charges a between $65-$75 USD for an Uber ride, and you are only able to retrieve an Uber black car.

After what seems to be forever, I pull up to this building that looked like an old building (turns out, it was an old firehouse.) Luckily, I was greeted by my best friend who was just as excited as I was, ready to party. 😊

Time to head to the venue for the art show

……Hungry, why wait?

 I had my first shrimp po’boy. And by the end of my trip I had consumed enough of these po’boys that I do not have to have another one for a long time.

The next day was adventure. We headed out to see the city.

– Museum.


– Cemeteries (only cool if you live in a place where the graves are below ground). Since the city is pretty much on water, all mausoleums are above ground.

– Bars. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?
Tip #2: French Quarter is a must.

Tip #3: Take a walk. You will appreciate the scenery of pride, the architecture and the quaint shops that you stumble upon whilst exploring.

Tip #4: Café du Monde is a must. Only place to appreciate Beignets.

Tip #5: Bourbon Street is a tourist area, but still another to do.

   Beer flight, 12 4oz. samples
    Buffalo chicken pizza
 Loaded crawfish fries 

All in all it was a great weekend getaway with friends.  



Where has Success.Eat.Travel been up to? 

Well hello there fellow readers. 

It’s been a long time. I finally have the chance to update my blog. So get ready for some good treats and eats. 

… Long story short, I have been loving life. Things have been somewhat hectic adjusting to life and living. 

My 2016 has been filled with home cooked meals and still- of course- traveling. 

Stay tuned ….

Leap into the New Year 

To all of my visitors and readers I want to wish you all a Happy Mew Year. While I am a few days from the first I just wanted to sincerely take the time to thank you all for the views and likes. I hope you are as hungry as I am as I will be sharing even more recipes, foodie plates, and places to dine. 

And it’s a leap year, so we have an extra day to try something yummy. 

I think this year I will be doing a bit more exploring in my own kitchen with recipes and trying to incorporate eating healthy. At one point in time, I was a fairly healthy eater. As I began maneuvering about the world, I decided to that was rather too tempting to limit my palette, expescially since I love comfort food. 

If you all have any topics or suggestions you would like for me to share, please comment or send me a message. 

I wish you all a Happy Hungry Health New Year! 😊

Potluck For The Holiday

Yummy 😊 

My job did a directors/managers potluck before everyone started taking vacation time and preparing for both Christmas and the New Year. There was so much food from so many different cultures. I even got a chance to see how ‘white elephant’ works. It is a pretty decent and fun way to exchange gifts with coworkers without harsh feelings and the whispers to follow in the office come Monday. Free food and non-work related work? Don’t mind if I do 🍴  

I made 3 cheese macaroni. 

The menu also included 

  • Jerk chicken lettuce wraps 
  • Vietnamese egg rolls 
  • Chicken & pork tamales 
  • Deviled eggs 
  • Corn 
  • Jalapeño shrimp wrapped in bacon 
  • Chicken Marsala pizza 
  • Double graham crusted cheesecake 
  • Apple pie 
  • 7Up cake 
  • Fruit & Veggie platter 

& so many other things….. This was hands down probably one of the best potluck I have ever experienced. There was so much food left that we were all able to take multiple plates home. Going into the weekend, that wasn’t a bad idea. Great food & desserts without the work of cooking? Sure. I do thoroughly enjoy cooking but I also enjoy not having to cook all the time. 
This was my awesome take away from our potluck. I can’t wait to cook, review & most definitely eat! 


Lunch For One 

Oh it’s just a normal Sunday. 

Doing laundry. 

Playing in my hair. 

And making lunch. 😀- That’s the favorite part of the day of course. 

Today I decided to use what I had in house to make a quick bite to eat. 

Here are the ingredients: 

  • Frozen tiny shrimp 
  • 1 box of ziti pasta 
  • Margarine 
  • Flour 
  • Spicy seasoning 
  • & other spices 

I decided to make a spicy garlic shrimp with homemade Alfredo sauce sever over a bed of ziti pasta. Now most Alfredo sauce is made with heavy cream. However, there are several recipes that exist in which you can make Alfredo sauce with a butter or margarine base.

Anyone want to know the recipe? 

See below for results. 


Another Experience to Remember 

By now my followers should know that I am a stickler for service. Regardless to the price service ultimately is what will make or break a customer’s experience AND loyalty. 

This last weekend, I travelled to the Midwest for a friend’s graduation. I landed on Friday evening. And after working that 11 days straight there wasn’t much energy left for me to allow my taste buds to roam. Saturday was a different story. 

I found myself at the bar in my hotel. Almost immediately after being seated I was greeted – with a bev napkin and a smile. 

After looking at the menu, I settled on the ‘diet’ fries.  


Waffle fries, three cheese sauce, scallions, sour cream, & bacon 

Sounds like my mini vacation was off to a tasty start. Later on in the evening, I was greeted with a classic Chicago style pizza. Deep dish! 

Sunday was a hectic day as that was the day my friend was graduating. It was a road trip there and back. I must say we ended my min vacation with a nice lunch from Pappadeaux. 


Cheap Cheese

I would like to think of myself as a pretty decent cook. I have cooked for family and friends for years and I work in the food service industry so I am definitely no stranger to the kitchen by any means. 

One of my favorite foods is pasta & this is where it begins. 

The other day, I was craving homemade macaroni and cheese. Unfortunately, I was in a rush in the grocery store so I ended up grabbing a rather inexpensive (cheap) block of cheese. Not thinking much about it, I came home and started doing what I do best…. Boiling water.😜

LOLAfter draining the pasta, it was now time to add all the ingredients together send to the oven for baking.

Almost immediately, the cheese was just not acting right. Ugh, by this time it was kind of too late as I didn’t want to throw away what I was trying to accomplish. Needless to say, I forgot the number one rule in making a dish that involves cheese: Do NOT buy cheap cheese. It will not melt and if it does, its consistency is very poor.

I am no food scientist so I am not going to delve into the delays of melting of cheese, but what I can tell you as a foodie, if you plan on working with cheese, do yourself the favor and invest in your cheese. Otherwise, you may end up with a product that either doesn’t look appetizing OR has a chalky look as the cheese failed to smoothly melt.

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